PayPal Warning – How To Unknowingly Screw Things Up For Yourself

Regarding Paypal

A lot of people don’t know this and are finding
out the hard way that when you edit, update or
remove a credit / debit card that’s the primary
funding source for one or more of your PayPal
subscription(s), that ALL subscriptions connected
to the card you just changed will get CANCELLED!

When this happens, you’re caught with your pants down,
wondering what the heck just happened!

Please don’t ask why this is.

I don’t know myself.

I just know that it happens frequently with people and
their subscriptions to things like Little Ticket To Wealth.
It’s frustrating for themĀ and this isn’t isolated to LTTW, but
to ANY PayPal subscription you might have with any
other program, product or service.

So the lesson here is simple.

If you’re going to edit ANY credit / debit card that’s directly
connected to ANY subscription(s), then please change the
funding source of that subscription(s) to something else
prior to making the edits.

This will save your subscription from being unknowingly
cancelled by you, and furthermore, will save you more time
as you won’t have to contact / re-instate those subscriptions.

MY recommendation and the easiest solution and one time fix is
to tie a bank account to the paypal account and make THAT
the primary funding source.

That’s how I set mine up.

Problem solved.

1 comment for “PayPal Warning – How To Unknowingly Screw Things Up For Yourself

  1. David
    November 12, 2013 at 4:57 pm

    Actually, it’s worse than that. They will most likely freeze your account for 6 months.

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